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Text Twist 2
Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 Game Online

How to Play

Text Twist 2 is a word game that tests your vocabulary and mental agility. The game presents you with a jumble of letters and challenges you to create as many words as possible using those letters. You can rearrange the letters by clicking on them and then clicking on the position you want them to occupy in the word. As you find words, they will be added to the list on the right-hand side of the screen. You can advance to the next level once you have found all the words that can be made with the given letters.


Text Twist 2 offers several features that make it an engaging and addictive game. The game has three different modes: Timed, Untimed, and Daily Word. In Timed mode, you race against the clock to find as many words as possible before time runs out. In Untimed mode, you can play at your own pace without the pressure of a time limit. The Daily Word mode presents you with a new word every day for an added challenge.

Text Twist 2 also has a helpful Hint button that can give you a nudge in the right direction if you get stuck. Additionally, the game keeps track of your highest scores, so you can challenge yourself to improve with each playthrough. The game also features colorful and visually appealing graphics that make the experience more enjoyable.


The controls for Text Twist 2 are simple and intuitive. You can click on the letters to select them and then click on the position you want them to occupy in the word. If you want to clear your current word and start over, you can simply click the Clear button. The game also allows you to use the keyboard to enter words, which can make for a faster and more seamless gameplay experience.

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