99 Balls
99 Balls
99 Balls

99 Balls

How to Play 99 Balls Game Online

99 Balls is a fun and addictive online game where the objective is to shoot balls to break bricks. The game starts with 99 balls that you can shoot onto the screen. Each ball that hits a brick will break it, and the goal is to clear the board of all bricks before running out of balls.

To play the game, simply aim the cannon at the bricks you want to break and click to shoot a ball. You can bounce balls off the walls to reach tricky spots, and some bricks will require multiple hits to break. As you progress through the levels, the bricks will become harder to break, and you’ll need to strategize your shots to clear the board efficiently.


  1. Simple and addictive gameplay
  2. Challenging levels with increasing difficulty
  3. Colorful graphics and animations
  4. Leaderboard to track your high score
  5. Ability to customize the cannon and balls


Use your mouse to aim the cannon and click to shoot a ball. You can also use the arrow keys to adjust the angle of the cannon for more precise shots. Press the space bar to release multiple balls at once for a strategic advantage.

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